Capacity Building
Experts Call for Greater Awareness of Emission Impacts through Media Support
DRAFT - Principle Policy Guidelines for Sindh Urban Transport Policy, December 2014
Team Building Exercise
December 22-23, 2014 - Muzaffarabad
One week articulated training course held at NED University Karachi for Traffic Management, Principle and Methods for Traffic Management, Traffic management in Urban environment, Mitigation for congestion, Driving license, Motorway road safety manuals
Moot discusses opportunities for reducing emissions in Urban Transport Sector - Carbon Finance Training
Media sensitization seminar on sustainable transport concepts in Pakistan
Sustainable Transport Project PAKSTRAN Receives 11th Annual Environment Excellence Awards 2014
Event Report of one day workshop held at NED University Karachi on 11th September 2014
One week articulated training course for Secretaries, DRTAs and officers of Transport Department at Judicial Academy Karachi
Experts stress on the importance of capacity development regarding sustainable urban transport in Pakistan
Training Course on; 'Land use Planning for Sustainable Urban Transportation with special context to Bus Rapid Transit System’ - December 30 2013 to January 1 2014, at NED University, Karachi

Training Course on 'Land Use planning and Sustainable Urban Transport using Geospatial Techniques'
January 1 to January 3 2014, Institute for Space Technology, SUPARCO, Karachi

Consultative Workshop on PAKSTRAN’S Draft Awareness Raising Strategy - November 28 2013, Islamabad
 Awareness Raising
Sustainable Transport Need of the Day - experts unanimously agreed during the 2-Day Conference on Sustainable Transport concluded in Islamabad
Experts term transport sector major contributor to climate change
National Conference on Sustainable Transport Debate Emissions and Transportation Issues in Pakistan
Political Dialogue on ‘Commuting with Dignity’
Closing Ceremony for Awareness Raising Campaigns, Tuesday, December 9, 2014 - Islamabad
PAKSTRAN-LUMS organize walk on ‘Better Transport, Let’s Breathe Fresh!’
PAKSTRAN organizes walk and cycling rally in Islamabad, in collaboration with NUST on ‘Better Transport, Let’s Breathe Fresh!’
IUCN co-organizes Pakistan Urban Forum-South Asian Cities Conference.
Media Sensitization Seminar on;‘Transport Sector and Related Issues in Pakistan’ - December 23 2013, Karachi
PAKSTRAN participates in Islamabad Bicycle Mega Ride for the promotion of eco-friendly and sustainable transport in Pakistan - December 1 2013

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