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Mr. Hasan Nasir Jamy Mr. Hassan Nasir Jamy
Additional Secretary Ministry of Water and Power, Government of Pakistan/ National Project Director PAKSTRAN Project

Dear Delegates!

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to the National Conference on Sustainable Transport being hosted by Pakistan Sustainable Transport Project and CIU-IUCN. It is indeed a commendable initiative to highlight the different challenges and opportunities presented by the transport sector, especially on the growing debate on its impact on climate change.

Government of Pakistan is well aware of its commitments to the international community; initiatives

like the planning and implementation of Metro Bus Projects in major cities of the country showcase its resolve to achieve the goals of sustainable transport.

I am glad to learn that the National Conference will cover diverse topics through strategically designed technical sessions chaired by practitioners and experts. The presence of a wide range of professionals, both national and international, provides an excellent opportunity for all to learn through sharing of knowledge and experiences.

The expected outcomes of the conference are to build awareness of the linkages between transportation policies and climate change, to develop a knowledge bank, to strengthen the institutional framework for sustainable transport, to draw action plans to address the growing challenges and to identify future collaborative opportunities with key stakeholders.

I am confident that the two days conference will provide a meaningful forum to share, discuss and debate current and future trends in sustainable transport at the local and international levels. Thank you for being part of this conference; I hope that we all go home much more enriched.

Dr. Saleem Janjua Dr. Muhammad Saleem Janjua,
National Project Manager, PAKSTRAN Project

On the occasion of the national transport conference on sustainable transport I would like to take the opportunity to pay greetings to our esteemed guests, delegates and speakers.

Pakistan Sustainable Transport (PAKSTRAN) Project is an initiative of UNDP and GEF which is being implemented by Ministry of Water and Power, Government of Pakistan. The objective of the Project is ‘to reduce the growth of energy consumption and related greenhouse gas emissions from Pakistan’s transport sector, while simultaneously improving urban environmental conditions and improving Pakistan’s competitiveness’. All the components of the project by administrative/management support

from Project Management Unit are engaged in providing technical assistance to the federal and provincial government departments through different activities.

The organization of this conference by CIU-IUCN, PAKSTRAN Project is a great team work and effort to raise awareness and capacity building on the concept of sustainable transport. Through this national conference we aim to raise awareness on the sustainable development goals which are directly or indirectly linked with the transport sector. Fuel efficient and eco-friendly integrated public transport through technological advancement has led many countries towards sustainable development. It is important to disseminate awareness on the importance of sustainable urban transport, due to its relevance for climate, air pollution, health and other related areas. This year’s conference organized by PAKSTRAN project is an initiative for extensive advocacy and awareness raising efforts in order to achieve a real change in policies, projects and impacts from sustainable urban transportation.

It is a great pleasure to know that we have a blend of international and local speakers augmented by the knowledgeable participation in this year’s national conference. During different sessions of the conference you all will learn about international best practices by knowing that how well-planned and designed transport system contributes to emissions reduction in terms of Green House Gases (GHG) and improves urban air quality.

I am hopeful that we all will get best outcome out of this beneficial forum by giving our cherished input and effort to make this a memorable event in the history of Pakistan. We look forward to receive practical recommendations and a focused way forward to extend the achievements of PAKSTRAN Project at global and national levels.

I wish you all to have a wonderful learning and networking experience in this conference

Mahmood Akhter Cheema

Mr. Mahmood Akhtar Cheema,
Country Representative IUCN Pakistan/Component Director PAKSTRAN Project

On behalf of the IUCN Pakistan and Pakistan Sustainable Transport Project I am delighted to welcome all the delegates, guests and speakers on the occasion of National Conference on Sustainable Transport being organized on 18-19 December 2015 at beautiful city of Islamabad, Pakistan. This event is devoted to enhance the knowledge and understanding on sustainable transport and related aspects by focusing on international practices and viable solutions for Pakistan’s progress.

The theme of the Conference is “Paving the way for Sustainable Transport in Pakistan”, it will broadly cover the topics of Transport and Climate Change, Eco-Friendly Freight Transport, Technological Advancement and Emissions Control, Institutional Framework for Sustainable Transport.

We are pleased to have Dr. Chae Ikwon from South Korea, Mr. Peter Armitage from England, Ms. Faela Sufa from Indonesia, Dr. Muhammad Imran from New Zealand and other esteemed speakers from different cities of Pakistan. The national transport conference aims to provide a platform where researchers, professionals, academicians and key stakeholders share and generate debate of the latest Integrated and Sustainable Transportation. I hope that we all will utilize this platform for expanding professional networks, collaborations and learning during this event.

The PAKSTRAN team and IUCN Pakistan wish you a superb conference experience and a memorable stay at Islamabad.


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