Paving the Way for Sustainable Transport in Pakistan - Presentations


Islamabad, December 21-22 2015


Technical Session 1: Transport and Climate Change


Chair: Mr. Irfan Tariq, Director General, Federal Ministry of Climate Change



Paper 1:
Implication of Transport Improvement Projects on Land use: Some examples from Karachi

Dr. Noman Ahmed,
Professor and Chairman Department of Architecture, NED University


Paper 2:
Environmental Aspects of Sustainable Transportation

Mr. Shahid Lutfi,
Environmental Expert STC, World Bank Group


Paper 3:
Importance of Non-Motorized Transport for Climate Resilient Urban Transport in Pakistan

Mr. Arif Pervaiz,
Independent Consultant


Paper 4:
Maintaining Sustainable Transport in Pakistan through Global Climate Finance

Mr. Khizer F. Omer,
Independent Consultant


Paper 5:
Eco-Friendly Freight Transport

Mr. Mahboob Elahi,
Ex-Director General Ministry of Climate Change


Technical Session 2: Managing the Urban Transport System


Chair: Mr. Mian Shaukat Shafi, Asian Development Bank


Paper 6:
Developing Sustainable Urban Transport Corridor through Bus Rapid Transit

Ms. Faela Sufa,
Vice Director, ITDP Indonesia


Paper 7:
Public Transport Scenarios of Karachi in line KTIP Master Plan for Mass Transit

Mr. Ashar Hashmat Lodi
Director, Exponent Engineers (Pvt) Limited Karachi


Paper 8:
Asset Management Approach for Urban Transportation Infrastructure Management: Learning from International Best Practices

Dr. Farrukh Arif
Assistant Professor Department of Civil Engineering, NED University Karachi


Paper 9:
How to do sustainable development of urban transport system by sustainable finance methods in Korea

Prof. Chae Ilkwon
Professor, Global Railway Corporation (GRC), Seoul, South Korea


Paper 10:
Sustainable Urban Transportation System: Concept, Challenges & Opportunities

Dr. Muhammad Irfan
NUST Risalpur


Technical Session 3: Eco-friendly Freight Transport


Chair: Mr. Abdul Khalik Mondokhal, Secretary Transport, Provincial Transport Authority, Balochistan



Paper 11:
An Overview of laws and rules governing road freight transport and their enforcement issues in Pakistan

Mr. Shahbaz Latif Mirza,
Assistant Chief, National Transport Research Centre (NTRC), Ministry of Communications, Government of Pakistan


Paper 12:
Improvement of Trucking Sector in Pakistan

Dr. Uneb Gazdar
Assistant Professor, Department of Urban & Infrastructure Engineering, NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi


Technical Session 4: Technological Advancement and Emissions Control


Chair: Ms. Faela Sufa, Vice Director, ITDP Indonesia


Paper 13:
Revival of Pakistan Railways as a Freight Carrier: Progress of last 3 years

Mr. Mahmood Hasan,
Chief Operating Superintendent (COPS) Pakistan Railway (PR) Lahore


Paper 14:
A viable Intelligent Transport System for Urban Mass Transit in 21st Century Pakistan

Mr. Sameer Hoodbhoy
Managing Director, Data Communication & Control (Pvt) Limited, Karachi


Paper 15:
Incorporating Environmental Impact in Transport Project Evaluation

Dr. Anwar Ahmed,
Associate Prof NUST, Islamabad


Paper 16:
Technological Advancement and Emission Control

Dr. Badar Ghauri,
Head of Department
Remote Sensing and Geo information Science
Institute of Space Technology Karachi


Paper 17:
Public Transport Pricing Strategies using an Agent-based Simulation Platform - A case study of Singapore Lessons for Pakistan

Dr. Muhammad Adnan,
Assistant Professor, Urban Department NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi


Paper 18:
Estimation of Vehicular Emissions and climate co-benefits of technology upgradation in Islamabad

Prof. Dr. Zeeshan Ali Khan,
NUST Islamabad


Technical Session 5: Institutional Framework and Sustainable Transport 


Chair: Prof. Chae Ilkwon, Professor, Global Railway Corporation (GRC), Seoul, South Korea


Paper 19:
Role of Planning and Development Agencies in Achieving Sustainable Transport

Prof. Dr. Syed Shabih-ul-Hassan Zaidi,
Ex-Dean and Chairman of City and Regional Planning Department, UET, Lahore


Paper 20:
Institutional alignment for sustainable public transport.... case study of Punjab

Dr. Nasir Javed,
Chief Executive Officer, Urban Sector Planning & Management Services Unit (Pvt.) Ltd., P&D Department, GoPb, Pakistan / Component Director Punjab PAKSTRAN


Paper 21:
Innovative ways of funding public transport

Dr. Muhammad Imran,
Associate Professor of Transport & Urban Planning Massey University, New Zealand


Paper 22:
Institutional Framework and Sustainable Transport – a case study of Islamabad BRT

Mr. Qazi Mohammad Omer,
Director BRT CDA Headquarter, Islamabad


Paper 23:
Performance indicators for a sustainable design of intercity bus terminal

Professor Dr. Tanvir Iqbal Qayyum,
Associate Dean, Civil Engineering Department, University of South Asia, Lahore


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