One week articulated training course for Secretaries, DRTAs and officers of Transport Department at Judicial Academy Karachi

Karachi, August 5-12, 2014  

One week articulated training course for Secretaries, DRTAs and officers of Transport Dept. were held at Judicial Academy Karachi to train participants in Motor Vehicle ordinance, Traffic rules, issuance of Driving license, and upcoming awareness-raising strategy for clean air  and CNG rules for sustainable transportation.

This training program was organized for the officers of Transport Dept./ District RTAs, academia, judicial representatives and relevant partners and stakeholders, focusing on Motor Vehicle ordnance, rules and its regulations for sustainable transport systems. Besides PAKSTRAN partners, The training was also attended by 15 Secretary DRTAs, Deputy Secretary, Section officers and eminent researchers in the field, as well as representatives from Sindh high court.

This training strategy will assist the Pakistan Sustainable Transport Project (PAKSTRAN) – being component of this project in addressing transport and Motor vehicle ordinance related issues in the province of Sindh, equipping Transport officers regarding the regularization of Motor vehicle ordinance and rules framed there to and knowledge regarding reducing emissions and improving urban environmental conditions.

Following topics were covered in the one week training at Judicial Academy Karachi:

Day 01 (05.08.2014)

Overview of Motor Vehicle ordinance - Mr. Yar Muhammad Component Manager CIU Sindh
The lecture covered overview of Motor vehicle ordinance, its regularization and implementation in Urban Transport system and challenges related to urban system.

Importance of Environmental Protection - Mr. Yar Muhammad Component Manager CIU Sindh
The lecture imparts the importance of environment, threats towards it and how to protect by using sustainable activities.

Registration of Vehicles
:                    Deputy Director Excise:
The lecture by representative from Excise Dept. of Govt of Sindh covered various definitions and procedure of registration of vehicles with different categories.

Day 02 (06.08.2014)
Control of Transport & Overview of Environmental Act:    Mr. Yar Muhammad Component Manager CIU Sindh.
The Lecture covered an overview of Transport analysis with key concepts in transportation planning and consequences upon urban Transport system further describe the environmental act and its relationship with transport system.

Day 03 (07.08.2014)
Route Permit and Relevant issues/Relevant Provisions of rules: Mr. Yar Muhammad Component Manager CIU Sindh 
The lecture covered Route permit its procedure and relevant provisions with existing law.
Issue of Driving License:  Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Mahar SSP
The lecture delivered by Senior Superintendent of Police regarding issuance of Driving License, its importance, procedures, categories of license as LTV, HTV, PSV and modernization of license branch with emphasis of role of Testing officer.

Day 04 (08.08.2014)
Motor Vehicle ordinance (Section 44 to 50) with Amended laws:  Mr. Yar Muhammad Component Manager CIU Sindh 
In this lecture validation of Fees charged, collected or realized by Regional Transport Authority Karachi were discussed.
Relevant sections of Cr.PC : Mr. Sohail Muhammad Leghari
The member from judicial domain describes the relevant sections of Criminal Procedure code to Transport and its penalties.

Day 05 (09.08.2014)
Construction/Equipment & Maintenance of Motor Vehicle: Mr. Yar Muhammad Component Manager CIU Sindh
The component Manager explains the procedure of maintenance of Motor vehicle and relation with its ordinance.

Basic Computer knowledge/skills: Mr. Muhammad Murtaza khan IT Expert
This lecture imparts the need of computer knowledge and required skills for use in field

Certification & Clean Air initiatives:   Mr. Yar Muhammad Component Manager CIU Sindh
This lecture shows the clean air concept, impact and cost of benefits from different initiatives.

Day 06 (11.08.2014)
Penalties & Procedure with relevant rules: Mr. Yar Muhammad Component Manager CIU Sindh
The lecture covered the penalties mentioned in Motor Vehcile ordinance, its charged fee and relevant rules describe for it.

MOUCK COURT/Under Preparation:
Mr. Sohail Muhammad & Mr. Yar Muhammad.
The presenter describes the court procedure.

Day 06 (12.08.2014)
Traffic control: Mr. Sagheer Hussain, DSP
The DSP Traffic explained the procedure of traffic control, traffic jams its management, duties in emergency/VVIP programs and describe the role of public for better traffic control.

Presentation on clean Air initiative: Mr. Kamran Naqvi Urban Specialist, IUCN
The urban specialist from IUCN through presentation described the clean air concept and its relationship with urban transport system.

Certification ceremony

The final amended list of candidates who have been nominated by the Transport & Mass Transit Department, Government of Sindh for the subject training may be treated as under:-

1. Syed Ahmed Ali Shah, Additional Secretary Syed Sajjad Hussain Shah, Secretary, DRTA
2. Miss Amber Khatoon, Legal Advisor Mr. Ghazanfar Ali Qadri, Secretary, PTA, Karachi
3. Mr. Asad Aziz Siddiqui Mr. Waheed Ali Panhwar, Secretary, DRTA
4. Syed Aijaz Ali Shah, the then Secretary RTA Karachi Mr. Manshad Ali Shahani, Secretary, RTA, Karachi
5. Mr. Safdar Hussain Rizvi, Deputy Secretary
6. Mr. Ghulam Farooq Mangrio, Section Officer (General)  
7. Mr. Muhammad Yousif Memon, Section Officer  
8. Mr. Yar Muhammad Mirjat, Focal Person  
9. Syed Shiraz Ali Shah, Secretary, DRTA  
10. Mr. Waseem Memon, Secretary, DRTA  
11. Mr. Okash Khalid, Secretary, DRTA  
12. Mr. Perwaiz Qureshi, Secretary, DRTA  
13. Mr. Saud-ur-Rehman, Secretary, DRTA  
14. Miss Quratul Ain, Secretary, DRTA  
15. Mr. Nisar Memon, Secretary, DRTA  

To address the transport and related problems in the country, the Pakistan Sustainable Transport Project (PAKSTRAN) is being implemented by Government of Pakistan.

The objective of the Project is ‘to reduce the growth of energy consumption and related greenhouse gas emissions from Pakistan’s transport sector, while simultaneously improving urban environmental conditions and improving Pakistan’s competitiveness’.

PAKSTRAN is supported by Global Environment Facility (GEF) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and is being implemented by Government of Pakistan.

The Implementing Partner is:
i. Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Water and Power.

The Responsible Parties are:
ii. Government of Punjab, through Urban Unit, Planning & Development Division (Component 1 of PAKSTRAN)
iii. Government of Sindh, through Transport Cell, Transport Department (Component 2 of PAKSTRAN)
iv. Planning Commission of Pakistan (partnership decision pending for Component 3)
v. IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, Pakistan (Component 4 of PAKSTRAN)

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